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Manchester Accountants love our new Bookkeeping Software

WebProjectUK has been working very closely with the Manchester accountants ensuring they provide their clients with the best possible service. In today's though trading conditions it's essential to make use of the latest computer technology and software to ensure you keep one step ahead of your competition. Who better to help with this then a company with 10 years experience in online web development and IT solutions.

Our new bookkeeping software has been a great success amongst the Manchester accountants. The bookkeeping software has been developed to allow us to integrate the software with our clients new or existing websites.

What are the benefits of our new Bookkeeping software? 

  1. Secure Access around the world
  2. Easy To use
  3. No Accounting Jargon
  4. Saves Time for both clients and accountants.
  5. Increases Productivity for both clients and accountants.
  6. Accurate record keeping
  7. Clients can quickly Submit Expenses and Income anywhere around the world
  8. Profit/Loss accounts

 If you own a accountancy business in Manchester why no get in touch with us at WebProjectUK and arrange a 30 minutes free face to face consultation?


Our Love and Hate Relationship With Ebay

We have been fortunate to work with some of the top Ebay sellers over the last few years and through this we have gained experience which in today market is irreplaceable. Ebay is one of the leading portals for new Sartups to test the market and in some cases establish a very successful business. We can't deny that Ebay has customers, and not only here in the UK but worldwide and this does appeal to new and existing businesses. However, Ebay also has massive downsides which could make or break a business within days. So, we have decided to cover this downside of Ebay trading for the purpose of our regular blog readers.

In the last 5 years Ebay selling platform has changed as the company tried to eliminate so called Bad Sellers. Let us explain what a bad seller is:

  1. Someone who escapes high ebay fees by providing low starting price and charge high postage costs. As ebay charge sellers on the final sale price this would mean that if you started your product at £0.99 and charged £19.99 for postage then you will only be billed by Ebay on £0.99
  2. Someone who uses another company to post their products i.e. drop shipping. This means that the seller has no control over the product inventory and could result in selling products which have already been sold out. This for any business is not a very reliable way to trade and almost always results in customer dissatisfaction.
  3. Someone who sells products with the sole intention to defraud buyers i.e. take money and run without sending out the products.
  4. High volume sellers who provide value for money products and work on low profits. In this situation the seller normally works on constant overload and their delivery times will not be as good as someone who sellers just few products a day.

The new feedback system introduced by ebay around 4 years ago has changed Ebay forever and not only has it eliminated bad sellers it's also eliminated some of the best sellers. We know this to be the truth through our own research and experience. The new feedback system allows buyers not only to mark sellers on Feedback but on Description, Communication, Delivery Time and Postage costs. Basically Ebay has put your business into the hands of your buyers and competitors. As well as this Ebay has started a new seller rating programme by rewarding good sellers with Top Rated seller status which means higher visibility for your products, better discounts and a little top rated seller logo. Makes you feel like you are back at school when you used to get a little Star for completing your homework on time.

This all sounds great and sellers have been working very hard to achieve the top rated seller status by following ebay suggestions such as 'Offer free postage', 'When a buyer asks you a question answer straight away', 'Soon as you get an order post it straight away' etc. However, one thing they don't tell you is what happens when you get one customer who thinks that 24 hours delivery service and 70% discount off RRP is not good enough and marks you down on all the categories but provides glowing positive feedback. You can't see the low stars as the new Detail Seller Rating program is anonymous. As a seller your first reaction is to get on the phone to Ebay and ask them to change this because your policy clearly states '24 hour delivery' and the feedback was left within this time, you have proof the order delivered within the stated time, you also have proof that you have sold 100s of the same product and everyone else has been happy. The answer you will get from ebay 'You need to improve on your despatch time, you need to provide a better service to your customers and we will not change this because this the view of your customer'..

Now imagine that the same customer purchased 5 items of you – and has done the same for all 5 transactions. The detail seller rating works on percentages which means that to keep your top seller status you have to have 0.50% on average for each of your 4 categories. This means that you can get only 1 star for every 200 products you sell.. To stay within the ebay policies and within the allowed status of standard seller you have to achieve 2% on average across all categories. This means you are only allowed 2 low stars for every 100 products you sell. Also, I should mention that your stars stay on Record for 3 months if you are a high volume seller and 12 months for low volume sellers.

Lets go back to the customer who purchased 5 items of you and has left 5 low stars for each transaction. You have sold 200 products in the current month and your current average percentage rate for customer dissatisfaction is 2.5% across board. One minute you are a top rated seller now you have not gone back to Above Standard or Standard seller but bellow standard seller. Ebay review each account automatically on the 20th of each month based on the last 12 or 3 months depending on your sale volume. The count stops on the last day of the previous month and for the sake of this example we will imagine the above customer left your the low starts on the last day of the previous month.

Now you have 20 days to correct your problems by selling more products and hope that in 2 months time you will not have got any more low stars otherwise the process starts all over again. On the 20th of the following month your account will be automatically downgraded to bellow standard seller and your products will be pushed to the bottom of every search. You task of recovery becomes even harder to achieve. To make matters worse your discount has also been removed, and Ebay are not going to help you despite the fact you have traded successfully on Ebay for the last 5 years. The picture gets worse as your sales drop, and your business now starts to decline and your cash flow is suffering,

Every single day you wake up and run to check your Details seller rating to see if anyone else has been mean and left you low stars despite your hard work. You keep trying different ways to get more sales but because buyers can't find you it's almost impossible..

What can you do?

We have a number of different methods of ensuring you minimise your risks and build a successful business and keep it's faith in your own hands. For more information please contact us

Don't become a slave to Ebay!  There is a life outside of ebay and you can use Ebay to your own advantage.


Facebook Marketing v Google Adwords

Facebook shot to fame very quickly through the word of mouth and the sites popularity has been increasing every single day. Now I will not assume you have all heard of Facebook so let me explain what Facebook does. Facebook is a very popular social network with millions of users around the world.

This popularity has created opportunity for individuals and businesses to post ads in order to attract this large network of users to their services or products. Facebook came up with a similar idea to Google Pay Per click ads or also known as Google Adwords. Therefore the concept was not new but Facebook does have some advantages over Google Adwords.

Facebook has utilised it's user information to provide targeted advertising therefore, reducing the amount of unwelcome visitors to your site. We also know that Google Pay Per click attracts sales companies who love to waste your money. They will normally search for specific companies in Google and click on your valuable Pay Per Click link to find your number. This has become acceptable in Googles world and there is little they can do to stop it.

Now Facebook is slightly different in it's approach because all the ads are served only on Facebook unlike Google which uses affiliated sites to promote the Pay Per Click ads. Another advantage of Facebook marketing is the option to show your ad to the people who are most likely to use your service or buy your products.

So for example if you sell Kids clothing – you can chose to only show your ads to you a certain age group, and if you only sell locally then this can also be included. Facebook will use the user profile to match your ad with the correct user. As you have selected local users it will only search for users within the selected distance of your postcode and so on. The idea is brilliant and most importantly does produce results.

Sadly, google does not keep details of it's users like Facebook and therefore despite the fact they offer targeted marketing through Google Adwords it will never be as accurate as Facebook.

We have tested a number of different ads on Facebook for our clients and we can say they do work.


Welcome to WebProjectUK Manchester based Digital Agency

We don't think anyone could argue that it was about time for our old website to be taken down and put into a disposable bag to be destroyed. Our problem is that we are too focused on our clients which sometimes results in us neglecting our own site. However, from our point of view our clients are the most important asset which keeps us in business and they will always come first.

Anyway, lets have a look at our new website which went live on the 13th of May 2011 at 11:30am. Yes, it's Friday the 13th today and most will tell us that we should have waited until tomorrow. Well, I like to be optimistic and believe that today is our lucky day and after almost 4 years of putting up with the old site, I just could not wait any longer!

Our new site was developed and designed in Manchester like most of work. The aim was to design a simple to use site which provides enough information about WebProjectUk and the services we offer. We will not stop here as our new site has been developed with expansion in mind as we work on developing further online applications to help our clients grow their businesses further.

Don't forget WebProjectUk has been in business for just over 10 years and during this time we have developed our knowledge and skills to suit our clients as well as keeping up to date with the latest technology trends. Our range of skills now is huge and our website needs to express this but the more complex parts of the site will have to wait just a little longer as we get through the final testing stages.